Hello! My name is Slamet Setiyono. I work as a Superintendent at the branch office of the Probolinggo Regional Education Office. Nice to meet you!

Slamet Setiyono, SPd. SST. MEng. MTA.

“I am also a web designer, book writer, video editor, cultural actor of the Nusantara, and owner of a technical workshop.”


Name: Slamet Setiyono, SPd. SST. MEng. MTA.
Place, Date of Birth: Kediri, July 09, 1970
Educational Background: Mranggen Elementary School; Papar Junior High School; Grogol Senior High School; S1-IKIP Surabaya; D4-PENS ITS; S2-UGM Jogjakarta; S-3 UTHM Malaysia (currently pursuing)
Worked as a Teacher for 24 Years at SMKN 2 Probolinggo and as a School Superintendent for 3 Years.
The place of Work is the Regional Education Branch in Probolinggo
Important Achievements as a School Superintendent include Winning the GCC Batch 2 Competition Level 1 Champion in East Java; Winning the GCC Batch 3 Competition Level 2 Champion in East Java
The work philosophy or important values that you hold as a school superintendent is “Carrying out tasks based on Love and Affection for all of God’s Creation to realize World Peace”.
Vision as a school superintendent: “The realization of intelligent, moral, professional, and cultured individuals through school Superintendent in the Probolinggo Education Region”

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